i Won't Live

from by emvious

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i won't live until i achieve three things in this song.


I won't live,
Until I get,
The chance to do,
Everything I want to,
but if I die,
That will suck,
'Cause I didn't do,
Everything I wanted to..

I have seen a lot happen on tv of course/
I guess that is why they let tv be a source/
& the telly galvanized my thoughts to do thing I want/
Like joust with big swords on a speeding horse ha/
Thats just me putting fun in a picture frame/
I won't live until i'm in a lambo switching lanes/
Stupidly, I'm not into fancy things but c'mon hit 180 crucially well thats dang cool to me/
I won't live until I live in an igloo, for a month so I could hunt and live off of fish foods/
I won't live until my Ouija board talks back to me/
The stupid indicator stays in one spot when I ask it things/
I won't live until I find a stray cat in my house/
And eat popcorn as I watch it chase a little mouse/
I won't live until I dive off stage and crowd surf/
Then I'll snap 'cause I've got the power/

I talk to myself haha, call the dentist to pull out my taste buds.

The day i live is when i leap into gallons of monster/
With goggles and a straw so I'll swim in comfort/

Gulp Gulp, Slurp Slurp,
I won't stop until all of its gone,,
No more monster
No more monster
No more monster
I won't stop until all of its gone,,
Gulp Gulp, Slurp Slurp,

Ill live when i'm on Conan or Jimmy Fallons talk show/
Till I got girls off the chain of hamburgers or tacos/
Ok that might have been a little racist but you have to agree, that was a good way to explain it huh?/
Plus to be honest i'm up for any ethnicity/
Long as your light skin, down to earth and speak english to me/
'Cause I cannot understand any other language only english/
'Cause its dominate where I live and thats where I feel the safest/
Im just speaking the truth/
I won't live until I speak to at least two hundred peeps on stage holding a microphone/
When i cease to exist I will achieve three of these goals/
& that a promise/
Ok peace peeps.


from Be Yourself, released July 18, 2015



all rights reserved


emvious Montebello, California

An undiscovered artist who is trying to make peeps feel, laugh and realize.

Also in love with the original green Monster Energy drink.

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