Your Mama Wants Ya Back

from by emvious

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Fantasy of a girl and i.
First verse: Broke up but want each other sexually.
Second verse: i want her but know she isn't good for me.
Third verse: 'Change your 'need' to want' so move on.
Forth verse: Telling her to leave me alone.


Scared child paralyzed with the fear of rejection/
Chugalug the vodka till she got to 'here let me text him'/
Grabbed her phone, thumbed out 'hey,' i replied 'hi'/
She replied, 'theres something i would love to say'/
She sent, 'tbh its painful losing you, and I'm (bleeding (love like lewis) 'cause I'm still tangled up in you) plus i know you want my soul and i crave you in me too but for now/
I'm just singing the blues..

i replied, 'you're right i do crave your soul'/
You're yin i'm yang lets make a whole - shade on snow/
ill bang your clitoral hood making your lips say wayo/
Boom Boom Boom i bet i could make ya say, 'WAYO'/
Pale skin under the flannel, band tee and martens/
But a florist knows an apple can't be in a garden/
And a guitarist knows guitar picks are important, when a show begins i throw it to show i can handle being an artist..

You don't need me, you want me really really bad/
Dont mislead me with your grief thats pretty freakin sad/
Talk to the hand with your yada yada yada and blah blah blah/
Stop talking out of your pants/
Think before you speak as i think for an answer
We believe whats good for the goose is good for the gander/
Thats a standard we should master so let, 'Zacker we should end the chapter and scatter'/
Be your last words..

Stop your begging mami 'cause you look pathetic/
Whats meant to be will, don't you know the lesson?/
Yeah..Bod of a goddess that made me a skeptic/
'Cause i seen the message it sent - made me think what the heck's a blessing?


from Be Yourself, released July 18, 2015



all rights reserved


emvious Montebello, California

An undiscovered artist who is trying to make peeps feel, laugh and realize.

Also in love with the original green Monster Energy drink.

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